Aug. 2018

Bridlewood House Party:
Many of you have reached out to my office regarding the house party that took place at an Air Bnb rental unit in Bridlewood last night. Thank you to all who have reached out with information. I have spoken with Ottawa Police who are investigating this matter further, although, the larger problem here seems to be with parties being held at this rental unit. I have filed a complaint with Air Bnb on behalf of the community to ask that they review the rentals that have been occurring at this address and see what measures Air Bnb can take to prevent future occurrences of this nature. I will provide an update upon further investigation and response from Air Bnb.
Intersection at Castlefrank/Terry Fox and Abbott

The intersection of Castlefrank/Terry Fox and Abbott is scheduled to be paved sometime in the next week (weather permitting). The curbs are installed and the new wider intersection is taking shape.

Once the paving is done, the work will begin on installing the new lights and activating the left turn arrows at the intersection.

Once we know when the light will be activated, we will share that information with you.

Hateful Graffiti:
Hi Folks,
We’ve received several reports of hate graffiti popping up around the community, and I personally find this behaviour disgusting and have no tolerance for it.
Police need your help to catch whomever is doing this so if you think you may know who is spreading these awful hate messages, or see someone vandalizing property in our community, please call the police non-emergency line at 613-236-1222 x 7300.
This vandalism is not reflective of our welcoming and caring community, so please be attentive when out enjoying our wonderful outdoor spaces, and report any suspicious behaviour to keep graffiti out of Kanata South.
Thank you.
Allan Hubley